Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Name: Teo
Age: 17
Date Of Birth: 31st March 1992
Hair Colour: Dark Brown to Black
Eye Colour: Bright Blue
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 145 lbs
Orientation: Gay
Occupation: Student
History: Teo was always quick, usually shown when he ran away from his father after pranking him. At the age of 14 he left home to live with his best friends brother, Phineas, who he had a bit of a crush on. Since then he's lived with Phineas and lodger Felix. Now, when he's not studying... which is most of the time, he's free running where he can.
Personality: Teo can be a bit to live with, as he likes to get on peoples nerves. Even though, he's a jokey, lovable bundle of giggles.

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

My Elves

Well, im going to make a few Elves as recurring characters so to speak... so far i have Teo and Phineas.

Teo is a 17 year old who loves his friends above most things. The only thing he loves more is a little adventure, be that swimming, climbing, exploring, and most of all Parkour. Then again, he also likes singing in the shower, usually to American Boy or Barbie Girl... Shaaaame...

The list of things he doesn't like isnt too long, but includes things such as the facist undertones of Disney films and Sarah-Jessica-Parker's jaw...

Phineas is the opposite, he loves her jaw...
Phin is a 19 year old bookworm, always studying for something or other. He is one of the few who think that while books are amazing, technology is pretty damn good too... When he's not reading, hes either fixing, making or using some sort of program.

The only thing he dosent like is Teo's choice of music... far too bubly for him...

Then we have Felix, the eldest of the group, coming in at 27 years old. His bright red hair is just as fiery as his temper. Felix likes to keep to himself, which never goes down too well with Teo. Felix isn't happy unless he's causing/thinking about causing pain. Somewhere inside him is a bubbly happy person thats dying to get out... or at least Teo likes to think so.

Felix doesn't like anything too bright, or loud, or fast... and if it is... hes soon to break it...


Well, howdy there!
First of all, i dont usually say howdy... Second, hey, welcome to my drawing page. Ive recently gotten into doodling again, after a long trip to the grandparents... I'm not the best artist, i know that... i'm far from it... but i'm getting better, and i'm starting to like the things i come out with, finally... as a result, i think i'll share the little drawings with you... and yes, most, if not all, will be Elves :)